SFL student won the first prize in ‘Jikei Cup’ Japanese Speech Contest
Posted Date: :2013-12-17 9:3:41 | Posted In: News | Hit: 2279

Jointly organized by China Japanese Education Association Shanghai Branch and Japanese Jikei Group, the second ‘Jeikei Cup’ Japanese Speech Contest Final (Shanghai area) was held in Yifu Hall, Tongji University in December 15, 2013. 22 contestants from top universities in China made to the final. It is one of the most competitive contests with highest level organized by Japanese academia of colleges and universities in Shanghai recently. Ms. Ni Yajing, a student from Department of Japanese, TJU stood out among other excellent participants with her outstanding performance, and won the first prize by a wide margin. Her teacher Ms. Shimada Yuriko, the expert from Japan won the first prize for instructor.

The award for first prize winners (including the student and the instructor) is one-week travel to Japan.