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Students from Department of English win awards in national contests


In April, students from Department of English of SFL have won prizes in three national-level English competitions. The Department of English aims as always to improve learning and teaching through practices and competitions. Congratulations to the award winners!

On April 10th-11th, the 23rd “FLTRP-ETIC Cup” National English Debating Competition (East China Semi-finals) was held online with a total of 108 teams participating. Topics includeWe oppose the rise of influencer economy” andWe should introduce significant cost caps in sports”. Two sophomores YANG Qingfei and WANG Zhenling, tutored by GAO Weiquan, ZHOU Feng and HU Ruiyun, successfully entered the national finals (June 2021) after five rounds of competitions.

Just a week later, the China Universities Debating Championship (CUDC) 2021 (East China Semi-finals), organized by China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration and CATTI, was held online with 68 teams competing. Topics are THW nationalize credit rating agencies” and “TH prefer a world without the concept of private property”. Two sophomores KANG Yifei and YU Jihuan, tutored by GAO Weiquan, ZHOU Feng and HU Ruiyun, were awarded first prizes and will enter the national finals later in July.

The above two English debating contests both adopt the British Parliamentary system, setting high standards on debaters’ English language skills, knowledge base and logical thinking. Faced with competitors from graduate students, the two teams with four sophomores, tutored by GAO Weiquan, ZHOU Feng, and HU Ruiyun from Department of English, have won applause for their excellent performances.

On April 24th, the 26th China Daily “21st Century Coca-Cola Cup” National English Speaking Competition (Shanghai finals) concluded in Shanghai University. The Competition is divided into a keynote speech title “Protecting the Blue Planet”, an impromptu speech, followed by Q&A sessions. YAN Xin’an, tutored by HU Ruiyun and ZHOU Feng won the second prize.

By linking up the classroom with extracurricular activities such as contests and competitions, Department of English strives to help students improve language skills comprehensively in reasoning, logic thinking, and language output. Congrats again to the prize winners!